04 December 2010


Hello everyone :)
I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Haha. Sudah lama rasanya tak update blog ni. Almaklumlah, kemalasan tahap maksimum, hehe. Tetapi hari ni saya telah merajinkan diri saya untuk meng-update blog ni. Sekarang ni saya sedang menjalani peperiksaan SPM. Tinggal dua paper je lagi pastu dah boleh enjoyy! Haha, seronok rasanya tapi I'll be missing my friends like hell. Lepas ni dah tak tau lagi dah bila nak jumpa kan kan? :'( They are my awesome and crazy buddies. I love all of them. Tanpa mereka, tanpa la saya. Ohh, sedihnya bila dikenangkan kembali pengalaman suka dan duka yang kiterang lalui bersama. Haha, ayat madah tak boleh blahh ;D

Emm, as you can see, all my past entries is about me being lonely and sad. Yeah, well, not anymore. I guess I'm happier now. Once said that, HAPPINESS IS WHAT WE CHOOSE TO BE. And yeah, I choose to be a happy person. No more tears, no more sadness. Just a happy me :)

Okay la, sampai disini je kott. Takde idea nak tulis ape lagi dah. Bubyeeee <3

31 July 2010


I'm boredddddddd to death . That's why I've decided to write something on my blog . I'm basically alone right now. My dad is outstation. He had a meeting somewhere and my mum went to my cousin's house . And my brothers went out, they had a football game or something. I don't really care . Sooo, emmm . Nothing much happened this week . It was bored . My life is bored . Everything is BORINGGGGGGGG . Erghhhhhhhhh *frustrated* *sigh* :/ 

Ohhh, I forgot! Actually, there something happened to me this week . My camera was seized by the teachers . I was shocked + sad + scared. Takot kene marahh becuase I had to meet Miss 'S' at her office . When I'm in there, she was like scolding and questioning me . After a few minutes of lecturing, she asked me to call my mum. I called then my mum came to school. The teacher show some photo that they claim those photo seem to violate the law or something, they also complained to my mother about my behaviour at school. They said I'm lazy, my grades had been decreasing *Like I care* and then my mum took the camera back home . Thanks godness nothing bad happened . Miss 'S' gave me a warning and I went back to class, so, nothing serious about it . At home pon kene lectured lagi. Grrrrr, tension gilaa time uh . But anyway I do regret what I did and I had learned my lesson . I promise I won't do it again =.=" 
Emmm, anyway that's all I guess . Thanks for reading

xoxo, Sheila Tan  

17 July 2010


 I'm losing it, I'm giving up.
My eyes are closed and my mouth is shut.
I can't even try anymore.
What am I even fighting for?
I'm useless and I can't be happy.
There's no way I can live being me.
Every day, I feel so bad,
For every time I make you sad.
I think I'm just gonna say goodbye.
I can no longer live a lie.
Maybe I'll see you again someday. 
This time I know I'm not okay.

Yeahh, that's pretty much how I felt right now. DYING . I alone. A lonely hag . I'm just bored with my life. I fought with my parents, again . Life is just dull. It means nothing to me anymore. I guess I'm better off dead . Nobody appreciates me. I'm fucking depressed . I'm just NOT feeling OKAY. That's all I have to say .

15 April 2010


Yes, hello there people :]
Sorry but I've been busy lately. Just finished my exam today^^
This week I was sick and I think I didn't did well in my exam because I didn't do any revision. Hee.
Tomorrow, I'll be going to Hotel Selesa, PG.
For about 2 days.
Kem Penggawa Gemilang.
Oh god, I'm soo sick right now my head is like spinning dude. Seriously. I guess I'll stop till here. I'll update again later, soon. I don't know, it depends on the situation. That's alll.
Bubyee <33

*Nobody cares about me.

09 March 2010

Depriving Myself

Okay, I'm sorry but I won't be around updating my blog for a while.
Busy with my own reality life.
So, thank you for visiting but I'm sure this is not the end of me. Yet.


For the time being.

Thanks for reading,TOODLES.
much love,SHEILA

13 February 2010


Okay, hello.
I just came back from my uncle's house and I also went to Jusco.
Mase kat jusco tu beli baju for tomorrow and kasut Crocs.

Here is the picture ^^
Kasut crocs tu papa belikan, RM 140, Hello Kitty, kaler pink and white. Hee.
Suke gyle :DD
Cute ann? Haha :]
Urmm, mse dinner tu makan Steambot, sedapp auww. Kenyang gyle <33 Seronok gak eak ary nieyy. Okayla, malas na cite laggy. Bubyeee <333

Thanks for reading,TOODLES.
love you,SHEILA

12 February 2010

Celebration Of Life

Hello again.
I think I had a good week. Examination is finally over and school's holiday are here! I can't wait to celebrate Chinese New Year and I'm also going to Pahang. I'll be staying at a resort there. I forgot the name of the resort but I had been there, once. Maybe it was about 2 or 3 years ago. That's a long period of time. And that means I'll be away the entire week! Yeayy! I can't wait and I'm soo excited.
Urm, yes, talking about chinese new year. On saturday night, my family and I will have a big dinner with my grandmother , cousins and relatives. So, that means MONEY$$. Ang Pao, lai lai! ;D I'll be rich for sure.
Actually, this year, the year of the tiger is not giving me a lot of luck lately. I am facing a lot of problems in money, friends and studies. I am heart broken but I hope everything will changed. Emm, anyway, after the 1 week of holiday, there's a march at my school. I'll be participating and representing "KADET POLIS". I hope we will win this year, since I had given out a lot of effort. My body is in lack of energy and Im tired all the time. Soo, pray for us people.
Psstt, I was promoted from Koperal to Sarjan. I'm soo elated :]
Anyway thank you for reading. I'll update my blog again after Chinese New Year and my holidays okay :)

I wish all of you happiness and a prosperous year :]

Thanks for reading,TOODLES.
love you,SHEILA

07 February 2010

Undeveloped Senses

Hey all bloggers. Im soo fckin bored right now and Im feelin kinda sad too.
Why? Ohh,well, first of all, I haven't ate all day and secondly, I saw a few pictures of someone I adored with a another girl ;[ Damn, there goes my future boyfiee. Well, honestly, all of these made me sad and angry. And on top of that, tomorrow I'll have a test for 3 days. Wtfish? I haven't even study yet. Shitt, major suckfest. Yeah, I know. It sucks to be me right now. I wish I had someone who could comfort me ;[
Urmm, last week, my pet brothers came to my school. Well, I miss them a loads and I had a great time. We chit chat for a while. Well, at least they make me happy that day. But sometimes I feel like I'm empty, I'm all alone, forced to face all this crappy problems by myself. Sucks doesn't it? I hope someone understands what I'm going through in my life right now. Too much sadness and devistation going on. Maybe, if I died, no one would even remember me. Shishh. But anyway, I think I had a great week. I love all my friends to death because they always seem to know how to made me happy :]

Oh well, at least Im still smiling, it's not the end of the world, I should be strong! I think..

Thanks for reading,TOODLES.
much love,SHEILA

16 January 2010

My Storyy for today

Hello sume. Sory baru na update blog. Malas doe, tahun nieyy SPM auww. Haha.
Emm, okay, awini awi sabtu, 16/1/2010 pukul 5.12pm.
Okay awini aku bangon pukul 9 lebeh sebab na pegi ckola, na kne ceriakan klas. Memule ta sure agy na gi ke ta, then call la si bella, but phone minah nieyy bley busy la. Siot betol. Lepas tu, text la amir, tnye dye g ckola ke ta, dye kate dye gi. After that, cepat2 sesiap, carik baju, seluar track, tudung. Then mandi, pakai baju, pkol 10 lebeh, gerak dari rumah. Bila da sampai tu, buat la keje, carta organisasi la, itu la, ini la. Kemudian, dorang plan na g karaoke kat Today. Aku pon decide na ikot lorh sebab bosan an dok kat uma je. Lepas da ciap sume kerja, kterang gerak g sane nek bas. Bile da campai tu, jejalan, rounding2, makan, lepas tu g karaoke, bukan karoke jamban tu ngek. Dalam bilik aircon punye tau. Sejam - Rm20 tapi aku ta kluar duit pon, sume amir yang bayar. Haha. Time makan pon amir yang blanje. Baek doe laki aku tu, haha, aku syg ko la bongek :p
Lepas nyanyi sume, dalam kol 3 lebeh da abis, aku pon tepon la mak aku sebab na balek uma. Bile mak aku da cmpai uh, dye ta abs2 membebel doe. Pehal nth, mcam la aku nieyy budak kecik lagy. Padahal skola aku tu bknnye jaoh sngt dari Today uhh. Na bebas skejap pon ta leyh, haishh, tension doee -.-"
Then lepas abis tu sume, balek uma la. Makan and now sedang mengupdate blog. Haha. Suke ta cite aku nieyy. Ape? Ta suke? Lantak ko la ngekk, ingat aku kesah ke doe. Haha. K la sampai disini sahaje. Bubyee :]

09 January 2010

YM- ing :DD

Hehe, oke. Blog entry pade kali ini adalah untuk suke2, hiburan hati, kenangan gembira sahaje, oke?
Perbualan ini adalah antara aku dengan besties aku. Aku malas na tuka ape2, so, silalah baca sampai habis untuk memahami kisah sebenarnye, terima kasih :)

damnit_faqih: makcikk
damnit_faqih: asal tak dtg?
SykoSheila: aku pindah la pak cek
damnit_faqih: ha?
SykoSheila: PINDAHH!!!!
damnit_faqih: kau bia betull
damnit_faqih: kat manee
SykoSheila: abes tu kat skola sume mcm da lupe kat aku je
SykoSheila: da tanak lyan aku agy
SykoSheila: sedehh
SykoSheila: auww
SykoSheila: lbeh baek pindah ann
damnit_faqih: kau nehh
SykoSheila: aku pindah kota masai
SykoSheila: awi jumaat an aku dtg, amek sume fail2 aku
damnit_faqih: kau jgn main main
SykoSheila: betol
SykoSheila: semalam aku dtg ckola, ko ta perasan ke?
damnit_faqih: takk
damnit_faqih: wehh
damnit_faqih: bia betull
SykoSheila: betol la ngekk
SykoSheila: takan tipu
damnit_faqih: tade sape bagitau akuu
SykoSheila: mmg la
SykoSheila: aku ta gtwu sape2 pon
damnit_faqih: sape yg tau?
SykoSheila: ko sorang je tau
damnit_faqih: kau nehh
damnit_faqih: haihh
SykoSheila: aku saje je na bwt suprise
damnit_faqih: kau tipu kan?
SykoSheila: faqihh
SykoSheila: kalau aku tipu aku dapat ape?
SykoSheila: dapat dose tau!
damnit_faqih: knape tak pena cakapp
damnit_faqih: tetibe ajee
SykoSheila: kan tahun lepas aku da ckp
damnit_faqih: taun lpas kau ckp kau maen2
SykoSheila: mne de
SykoSheila: aku ckap betol2
SykoSheila: kau yang ta percaye
damnit_faqih: SHIELA
damnit_faqih: kau tipu kannnnnn ?
SykoSheila: tak tipu la ngekkk
SykoSheila: aduhh
SykoSheila: budak nieyy
SykoSheila: ta percaye lakk
damnit_faqih: sampai ati kau tak pena bagitau akuu
SykoSheila: aku da bgtwu ape
damnit_faqih: at least , khamis tu bagitau la aku
SykoSheila: tak sempat
SykoSheila: aku g tengok ckola tu
SykoSheila: mcm best je
SykoSheila: budak2 mcm oke
SykoSheila: ala, ko kat kelas bukannye layan aku pon
SykoSheila: sdfsdfsf
damnit_faqih: kau niiiiiii
SykoSheila: betol ape
damnit_faqih: nape kau invisible kan?
SykoSheila: ade budak online
SykoSheila: malas aku na layan org len
SykoSheila: hehe
damnit_faqih: alaaa
damnit_faqih: tapi
damnit_faqih: nape kau pinda
SykoSheila: aku tengok korang sume mcm da ta layan aku je
SykoSheila: mcm boring
SykoSheila: sebab tu pindah
SykoSheila: dpat kawan baru
SykoSheila: pakwe baru kott
damnit_faqih: SEBAB tu aje?
SykoSheila: heh
damnit_faqih: kau pinda sebab tu aje ?!
SykoSheila: yela
SykoSheila: lgpon susah la mkbpak aku na anta
SykoSheila: jauh sngat
damnit_faqih: kau tade bagitau org lain ke ?
SykoSheila: ta
damnit_faqih: sorang pun tade?
SykoSheila: dorang bukannye kesah pon pasal aku
SykoSheila: buat ape na bgtwu
damnit_faqih: aku cakap ngn kau kan
damnit_faqih: smue org mesti SEDEH bile tau kau pinda
damnit_faqih: PAHAM TAKK?
SykoSheila: cehh
damnit_faqih: kau pinda mcm tu aje
SykoSheila: keling
SykoSheila: tipu
damnit_faqih: tak bagitau sesape
SykoSheila: bia arh
SykoSheila: takpe
SykoSheila: ta mati pon kalau ta de aku
SykoSheila: ann
damnit_faqih: kau bole suke lagi?
damnit_faqih: senyum lagi?
SykoSheila: npe?
SykoSheila: jgn la mara ngekk
damnit_faqih: kalau kau nak tau
damnit_faqih: yg tak kesah kan org lain tu kau
damnit_faqih: bukan kitorang
damnit_faqih: da la tak bagi tau sesape
damnit_faqih: kau niii
SykoSheila: ehh, apsal plak
SykoSheila: ala
SykoSheila: aku piondah bukannye jaoh pon
SykoSheila: *pindah
SykoSheila: kat kota masai je
SykoSheila: bknnye ta leyh jumpe lngsung
SykoSheila: oiii
SykoSheila: faqihh
SykoSheila: idop ke tak nieyy?
damnit_faqih: nta la
damnit_faqih: aku tak tau nak ckp ape
SykoSheila: hahahahahahahahhhhahahahahhahahah
SykoSheila: aku ta pindah la
damnit_faqih: bodo
damnit_faqih: babi
damnit_faqih: bangang
damnit_faqih: bongok
SykoSheila: hahaha
SykoSheila: hahaha
damnit_faqih: setan
SykoSheila: hahaha
SykoSheila: hahaha
SykoSheila: hahaha
SykoSheila: sayang jugak ko kat aku ann
damnit_faqih: da aa kau
SykoSheila: HAHAHAHA
damnit_faqih: bla aa kau
SykoSheila: alal bucuk2
damnit_faqih has signed out. (1/9/2010 9:23 PM)

SykoSheila: oiii
SykoSheila: siot arh lu
SykoSheila: gurau sket pon ta leyhh
SykoSheila: kuat touching betol
SykoSheila: hishhhh
SykoSheila: hehe
SykoSheila: faqihh!!!!!!!!
SykoSheila: cowieeeeeeeeeee
SykoSheila: aku ta dtg sebab aku demam la ngek
SykoSheila: demam panas
SykoSheila: saket tau badan aku
SykoSheila: ko ta kecian ke
SykoSheila: huhu
damnit_faqih: ta payah nak bigi alasan !
damnit_faqih: *bagi
SykoSheila: hehe
SykoSheila: betol
SykoSheila: la
damnit_faqih: bengong
SykoSheila: aku sje je na test
damnit_faqih: kau buat main je bende2 ni
SykoSheila: syg juga ko kat aku ann
damnit_faqih: syg mende
damnit_faqih: benci tau ?
damnit_faqih: benciiiiii
SykoSheila: hehe
damnit_faqih: suke2 je nak men2
damnit_faqih: geram akuuuuuuuuuuuu
SykoSheila: benci aku pon takpe
damnit_faqih: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
SykoSheila: len kali la aku pinda betol2 oke?
SykoSheila: benci aku enn?
damnit_faqih: SUKATI KAU LA !
damnit_faqih: blueeekkkkkkkkkkk !
SykoSheila: hehe
SykoSheila: k la pak cik
SykoSheila: aku na opp
damnit_faqih: off la
SykoSheila: aku baru pas mam obt aku
SykoSheila: na tido
damnit_faqih: haihhhhh
SykoSheila: pening kpale tau!
damnit_faqih: rehat cukup2 tau
damnit_faqih: get well soon
SykoSheila: hehe
SykoSheila: ingtkn ta syg aku
damnit_faqih: diam ahh lu
SykoSheila: haha
SykoSheila: bubyee
SykoSheila: tedy bear
SykoSheila: haha
SykoSheila: rindu laa
SykoSheila: :D
SykoSheila: :p
damnit_faqih: :)
damnit_faqih: byeeee
SykoSheila: eyyy
SykoSheila: keje ckola bnyk ta?
SykoSheila: lupe na tnye
SykoSheila: hee
damnit_faqih: byk gak
damnit_faqih: karangan
damnit_faqih: rumusan
damnit_faqih: essay
damnit_faqih: science
damnit_faqih: nota
SykoSheila: sains ko da ciap?
damnit_faqih: :D
damnit_faqih: blommmmm
SykoSheila: hehe
damnit_faqih: :p
SykoSheila: tunjuk gigi
SykoSheila: ta ciap la tu
damnit_faqih: ehh KAU
SykoSheila: k laaaaaaaaaa
damnit_faqih: kau maen2 lagi ngn aku siap lu
SykoSheila: eleh
SykoSheila: ape siap
damnit_faqih: aku siat siat kau
SykoSheila: sini la
SykoSheila: bak datang!
SykoSheila: :D
damnit_faqih: tapayah belagakk
damnit_faqih: nanti kau
SykoSheila: hehehehe
SykoSheila: k la
SykoSheila: bubye
damnit_faqih: daladala
SykoSheila: ade org kat luar rumah
damnit_faqih: g tido
SykoSheila: bubyee
SykoSheila: :D
damnit_faqih: g TIDO
SykoSheila: oke pak cik tedy
SykoSheila: haha
SykoSheila: :DD
damnit_faqih is typing...
damnit_faqih: byeee

Haha, oke kesimpulannye. Kawan aku nieyy sayang aku oke, dye sedeh auw aku na pindah. Haha, cowiee ngekk! :DD Habis la aku, nek ckola. Pasti dikerjain oleh pak cik nieyy. Hee :]

Sekian terima kasih. Selamat tinggal dan sila datang lagi :)

much love,SHEILA


Heyy all bloggers.
Thanks for reading.
Sorry sebab da lame ta update blog ni, sampai da berhabuk da. Haha :d
Okay sebenarnye entry kali nieyy untuk saje2 je, na cite pasal sekolah and etc. Tahun nieyy masok kelas 5 Nilam, aliran ICT. Cikgu dye pon oke2 gak, act, aku baru 3 ari sekola. 2 ari aku ta datang skola sebab demam, sore throat, flu. Haihh, nasib badan. Tapi takpe, aku da jumpe doctor mase awi jumaat tu, da dpat surat MC :]
Emm, aku memang selalu saket, start dari tahun lepas lagi sebab badan aku ni kurang antibody. Setahun mungkin saket 22 or 23 kali. Banyak kali kan. Haha, terpaksa la terima, na buat cmne an. Emm, anyway, tahun nieyy aku rase mcam sunyi sangat. Ramai kawan2 aku yang da berubah, kenape ekk? Aku ta paham la kenape senang sangat orang berubah. Da terlalu banyak kali aku kehilangan kawan2 aku, rase sedeh sangett. Tapi na buat cmne an, setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan.
To my sugarhati, mamok, bella, sharifah, zuhairah aku sayang korang gila2 :D Tapi tahun nieyy pon best gak, aku da rapat dengan Adib, si bongekk :DD, comel or fikri, Effa; adekku yang chumel gile, Fifyy; adekku yang chumel gak :)
Dorang sume baek2, best dapat kenal ngn dorang sume.
Aku sayang dorang sampai mati, so, jangan na pandai2 kaco or saketkan aty dorang, tempeleng kang baru tau XD
Heh, oke la, samapai disini sahaja entry pade kali nieyy. Ta tau da na tulis ape lagi. Lepas nieyy na gi mam obat, malasnyee =.=" Hehe, bubyeeee <333

p/s: Blog akan diupdate pada bila- bila masa sahaja.

much love,SHEILA