07 February 2010

Undeveloped Senses

Hey all bloggers. Im soo fckin bored right now and Im feelin kinda sad too.
Why? Ohh,well, first of all, I haven't ate all day and secondly, I saw a few pictures of someone I adored with a another girl ;[ Damn, there goes my future boyfiee. Well, honestly, all of these made me sad and angry. And on top of that, tomorrow I'll have a test for 3 days. Wtfish? I haven't even study yet. Shitt, major suckfest. Yeah, I know. It sucks to be me right now. I wish I had someone who could comfort me ;[
Urmm, last week, my pet brothers came to my school. Well, I miss them a loads and I had a great time. We chit chat for a while. Well, at least they make me happy that day. But sometimes I feel like I'm empty, I'm all alone, forced to face all this crappy problems by myself. Sucks doesn't it? I hope someone understands what I'm going through in my life right now. Too much sadness and devistation going on. Maybe, if I died, no one would even remember me. Shishh. But anyway, I think I had a great week. I love all my friends to death because they always seem to know how to made me happy :]

Oh well, at least Im still smiling, it's not the end of the world, I should be strong! I think..

Thanks for reading,TOODLES.
much love,SHEILA