12 February 2010

Celebration Of Life

Hello again.
I think I had a good week. Examination is finally over and school's holiday are here! I can't wait to celebrate Chinese New Year and I'm also going to Pahang. I'll be staying at a resort there. I forgot the name of the resort but I had been there, once. Maybe it was about 2 or 3 years ago. That's a long period of time. And that means I'll be away the entire week! Yeayy! I can't wait and I'm soo excited.
Urm, yes, talking about chinese new year. On saturday night, my family and I will have a big dinner with my grandmother , cousins and relatives. So, that means MONEY$$. Ang Pao, lai lai! ;D I'll be rich for sure.
Actually, this year, the year of the tiger is not giving me a lot of luck lately. I am facing a lot of problems in money, friends and studies. I am heart broken but I hope everything will changed. Emm, anyway, after the 1 week of holiday, there's a march at my school. I'll be participating and representing "KADET POLIS". I hope we will win this year, since I had given out a lot of effort. My body is in lack of energy and Im tired all the time. Soo, pray for us people.
Psstt, I was promoted from Koperal to Sarjan. I'm soo elated :]
Anyway thank you for reading. I'll update my blog again after Chinese New Year and my holidays okay :)

I wish all of you happiness and a prosperous year :]

Thanks for reading,TOODLES.
love you,SHEILA