07 February 2011


I was sick for the past three days. Thank god I'm getting better now. But I'm still coughing but yet I hope I will recover soon. Anyway, today I woke up at 1 pm. Yeah, this is my daily wake up time routine. Lol. I went downstairs but nobody's home. My mum went to sent Faiz and Nana to school. Then I went upstairs to take a shower, brushed my teeth. Go downstairs, eat lunch. Hehe. After that, sit infront of the pc and online. Blogging, tumblring, facebooking. Nothing much. Yeah very boring right? Since I finished high school, there's pretty much nothing else to do. Working is a big NO-NO to me. I'm just tooo and extremely lazy, plus I've already used to the idea that people work for me. Haha. I'm a lazy bum. I guess that's it for today. Ttyl. 

New Look

I just update a new look for my blog. I hope you like it. I know there's still some error but I'm trying to fix it. Kthx byee.

06 February 2011

It has been a long time since I've updated anything here. Blogging and writing personal stuff is not really my cup of tea. I prefer having a private life. I don't know, it's just me, my opinion. No offence people. My life is okay I guess. Nothing new and exciting things happen. I just finished my spm and I'm currently jobless. I'm 18 now but nothing changed. Yeah, whatever. I'm going to edit my blog, codes are complicated. Urghh, byebye.