18 December 2009


Okay, sebenarnye aku nga takot gyle nieyy sbab bdan aku da mcm ade sintom2 penyakit chikungunya. Sebenarnya beberape bulan yang lalu, aku pena kene gak. Emm,ta bape na ingat arh bile tarikh tu. Orang yang first tau, Ezad, bestfren aku. Seminggu sebelom aku disahkan saket tu, aku demam panas. Ingatkan demam biase2 je sbb tu ta gi klinik. Mam panadol je. Lepas tu, time g ckola, badan aku macam ade bintik2 merah, kat seluruh badan aku. Eiii, mmg takot arh. Pastu petang tu, mumy anta g klinik, amek darah. Perghh,saket tau! First time amek darah. Docter tu pon bodo, tersala injek sampai 4 kali. Dokter ckap aku mungkin suspek DENGGI tapi esoknya, result darah da kluar, rupe- rupenye Ckikungunya. Aku pon terkejot la gak ann sebab ta pena saket cmgni tapi naseb baek aku mseh dalam peringkat awal. Ta serious lagi. Docter suwo minom air banyak2, lagi bagos lau minum air 100 plus. Aku pon minum la, lebih kurang dalam seminggu aku ta gi sekola. Lama gyle :d Banyak ketinggilan, tapi paham2 je an, owg nga saket. Lepas tu, adek2 aku lak kene same ngn aku, Faisal ngn Faiz. Da la mahal obatnye, tapi tape la, nyawa itu lebih penting ann? :] Tapi, alhamdullilah, sume kembali pulih. Ta masok hospital pon. Harap2 skang nieyy aku ta kene chikungunya. Takot sehh.
Doakan ye!
much love,SHEILA

One Morningg

Hari ni aku bangun awal, pukul 8 lebih!
First time bangun awal time cuti sekola. Haha. Sebenarnye satu malam ta leyh tido. Banyak sangat pikir pasal masalah. Haihh =.=" Dahsyat betol aku nieyy, pikir banyak2 sampai ta leyh tido :d
Pastu tetibe je leyh selseme lak, shitt. Aku benci sakit! Sungguh menyeksekan. Malas na mam obat yang pahit, hee. Momo ade kat sebela aku nieyy, dye temankan sambil melihat burung kat luar. Aku ta tau la na cakap ape lagi. Emm, btw, yupp, aku lom mandi agy. Haha. Jap agy aku pegi mandi oke :p Lepas nieyy na beli Pc Game; THE SIMS 3 yang berharga RM 30. Wtf? Mahal gyle, haha. Yelaa, aku an miskin, ta mcam bapak kau doe. Lol. Emm, lagi satu, phone aku rosak. Cibabeng betol la. Na beli phone baru, ta mampu, na mintak parents, takott :d Camne nieyy, pening sia. Runsing2 133 Haiyaa, nvm, nnt pandai2 la pujuk mumy belikan. Hehe. Emm, ta tau na taip ape agy. Sampai disini sahaja kot. Bubye.

much love,SHEILA

Page Effect

Heyy :3
I just applied the snow effect because X'mas is around the corner. And no, it's not a wallpaper. Anyway, I'm soo freakin excited. And I don't even know why :d Haha, oh well, I guess it's sucks to be youu. Jkjk,lmao :DD And I also added some new cursors effect. I love it :)

p/s: STRICTLY, don't ask me for the codes. Period.

13 December 2009

Boredoom Strikes

Today is Sunday, 13/12/2009.
Omggosh! I almost forgot. Today is my pet bro burfday. AZRI!! Hepy Burfday!
Semoga result SPM ko oke taon nieyy. Gud luck yeah! :DD
Okayy, back to me. Act, I just came back from my granma house and shopping. I also bought some school uniform for next year. I wanted to buy new shoes but my parents ta bagi. Kenape ta bagi? Because I only want branded shoes XD Sape yang ta na barang branded an? Etc; Converse, Everlast. Those were some of my fav brands. Those are my fav because they are long lasting. Last year I wore Converse. Same macam Adib. Haha. I think I'll wear that shoes for next year because I would rather wear my last year shoes that BATA, PALLAS. Ohh, yes, I'm kinda high- maintainence. LOL. Soo, judge me, I know you would love to do that, bitches. Pfftt,low lives :d

much love,SHEILA

11 December 2009


Yeahh, the truth could be ugly sometimes, I guess we should just bear with it and move on with our lives.

- Shitt, I'm soo fckin stressed out maybe it's because I'm being alone and had been isolated myself from everyone too much. Gezz =.=" I felt like my head is about to explode. Maybe I was thinking too much. Should I stop doing that? :d

much love, Sheila

09 December 2009


Heyy there!
Da lame lor ta updated blog nieyy. Kemalasan yang melampau, sorry :]
X'mas is just around the corner!!
I can't wait!
Emm, yes I'm Muslim but my dad's family is chinese- christian soo, there's no reason for me to not celebrate X'mas. Can't wait to get all the presents for my uncles and aunties :3
Butt school is about to start soon. I'll be taking my SPM, ouhh crapp.
I'm sooo not ready for this. Freaking scared but I'll try harder next year. I want to get at least 7 A's which is :
- BM
- English
- Science
- Geography
- Ekonomi Asas
- History

Teehee, which me luck!
Emm, anyway, I just got myself a new piercing, it's on my right lip. It was painful at first, then after a few hours later, it's started to swell up. Geez, saket gyle :d Tapi tahan jela. Hee. But then after a couple of days it's gets better and I feel no more pain. I get a black lipring because that is my fav colour :] I don't like silver because I'm kinda alergic to silver metal stuff. Weird eh? Hee, anyway, if you want to see them, go on to my myspace :]
I've uploaded some photos of me.
Anyway, that's it for now, maybe I'll post something soon but that is not a promise :p
Hee, toodles.

much love, SHEILA

29 November 2009

Hey- hoooo

Ohh, hello. Rase macam malas je na update blog nieyy, Tp tape2, hari nieyy moood agk baek, tulis je la.
Haihh, bosan la. Hari2 sheila buat bende yang same je. Lagipun,asek dok uma je. Da 6 ari ta klua rumah. Hee. Malas loee. Td pagi bangon, gosok gigi, mandi, pakai baju, turun bawah then breakfast ataupun dengan lebih tepat lagi lunch sebab bangon pukul 1 petang. HAHA. Mum selalu marah, dye kata "Apa punya anak dara nieyy, matahari da tegak tapi ta bangon2 lagi" Hehe. Bukan ape, semalam ta bley tido, pukul 3 am baru rasa ngantok. Not my fault okey :d
Alaa,i miss my besties sooo muchhhh!!
Bella, mamok, amir, faqih, ajiem and my lil pet bro, hafiz. Haihh, rindu korang sgt2 tp dorang sume busy, kerja la, melancong la. Hmphh, bosan nye. Nobody to accompany me, text atau call pon tade :[
Emm, anyway I'm planning to buy a new handphone because my current handphone is kinda slow alreaady, mcm na rosak je. Kadang2 rase mcm na campak pon ade gak. Hee, jaat :d Maybe I'll buy Nokia or Sony Erricson( I don't know how to spell it, teehee). Which one is better eh? Ta tawu la mne satu na pilih. Pening- pening =.="
Act, arini agak sedih la because sheila belom tengok cite TWILIGHT lagii! ;{ Na tengok but masih tidak kesampaian lagi. Maybe beli DVD je la. Lagi best kott sebab bole tengok hari2 :'] Hee, pape jela.
Emm, okay la sampai sini jea, tatau na tulis ape lagy.
Bubyee <33 much love, Sheila♥

21 November 2009

Robert Pattinson

Omgg, I love him.
He's my second love because the first one is Zac Efron. Hehe.
He's soo fucking cute and I also love his messy hair :]

I recently bought the twilight DVD, i watched it like everyday.
I can't get enough of it.
I'm pretty much envy Kristen Steward. Shitt ;[
I want to be beside him. I even dreamed about him yesterday. HAHA :D

Act, I can't wait till 27 Nov because Twilight Saga; New Moon will be on cinema. Huhu.
Eyy, i'm still searching for the book.
I don't know where to find it.
Maybe soon I will :]
Ouh, I wish I could meet him one day.
Hehe, love you ROBERT <33

much love, sheila

14 November 2009

Changing For The Better

Heyyheyy :]
Da lame ouh ta update blog nieyy.
Boredom surrounds me.
Anyway, semalam an my nose was bleeding and bloods came out everytime I cough.
Perghh, cuak gila.
Mumy suro pegi jumpe doctor, tapi ta na arhh.
Takottt =.="
Mne la tau kalau2 saket nieyy serious.
Am I gonna be dead soon?
Kenape la dengan kepala aku nieyy, asek ingat na mati jea. Sheesh :[

Okayokay, anyway, this school holiday I'll try to go on a diet.
My goal is, Eat less, exercise more :D
Some of them has been supporting me.
Bella, zuhairah ,eyfa. Thanks babe :3
I'll make sure that everything works, according to my plan.
I want to be SKINNY!!
You have no idea on how much I despise myself.
I hate looking at myself at the mirror.
I know it's a horrible thing to do.

But I also know and realise that Im fat and ugly, that's why I wanted to change myself.
I don't want to be obes and be sick all the time.
I want to become a NEW person.

Changing for the better and for a better future ahead :]

Pray for me and cheer on me will ya?

xoxo, Sheila Elley

10 November 2009


Heyyo :)
Im outside my house, in the garden. It's freezing cold.

I prefer to use my lappie outside because I would get better reception out here.
Stupid broadband =.="

Okay, emm, anyway, Im feeling kinda unwell today.
My stomach has been bothering my since last night.

I can't even get a good night sleep. Shit.
I don't know what had cause it.
Maybe da na mati kot. Hehe.

I didn't go to school today.
I've finished my exam except for PJK and ICT which is a shortform for Information, Communication and Technology. Hee.
I didn't do anything this whole day.
It's raining all the time.

Eheh, you know the new movie; 2012.
The mayans predicted that It will be the end of the world by that date.

I'll get freaking scared everytime when I think about it.
Im not ready die.

I had commited a lot of sin for the last 16 years and I didn't had the chance to fullfill my dreams which is to travel around the world.
Aiyaa, damn scared man. Haha.

I wish it wasn't true so I could stop thinking about it.
My friends and I will be watching this movie, maybe this Thursday or next week.
Not sure yet.
Emm, I think that's all for today. Bubyee <33


07 November 2009

Second Posting

Hello :)
It's Sunday, 1:46 pm, 8/11/2009.
Im in my room, infront of my laptop.

Bosan laa, esok exam.
Science 1 and ekonomi asas 1 and 2.
Apak ahh, ta bace buku agy. Malas gile doee XD
Mase awi isnin, time pekse bm tu aku ta dtg, demam panas. Haihh =.="
Semalam aku tido pukul 6 pagi, men laptop je.
Online myspace, twitter, facebook, tagged.
Pastu denga2 lagu.
Mmg bosan ahh. Shishh.
Momo yang teman aku. Huhu,sygg dye ketat2 ouh!
Pastu td pagi bangon pukul 9.
Cihh, dpat tido 3 jam jea. Ngantokkk la pula @.@"
Emm, ta saba sehh na abis exam. Na g hangout kat cs.
Ta saba na tengok cite.
Twilight; NEW MOON
Ouhh my darling Robert Pattinson.
Haha, perasan je lebih XD
Ehh, okay la sampai disini sahaja.

xoxo, sheila

Sheila, sheilaaa

Im Sheila.
Thanks for reading this.
I created this blog for no specific reason. Just for fun.
Here, I'll wrote things that happened in my life.
I may not update my blog everyday.
Kinda busyy with my own reality life.
Sorry if my english wasn't that good. Teehee.
Okay, that's all.

xoxo, sykosheila