10 November 2009


Heyyo :)
Im outside my house, in the garden. It's freezing cold.

I prefer to use my lappie outside because I would get better reception out here.
Stupid broadband =.="

Okay, emm, anyway, Im feeling kinda unwell today.
My stomach has been bothering my since last night.

I can't even get a good night sleep. Shit.
I don't know what had cause it.
Maybe da na mati kot. Hehe.

I didn't go to school today.
I've finished my exam except for PJK and ICT which is a shortform for Information, Communication and Technology. Hee.
I didn't do anything this whole day.
It's raining all the time.

Eheh, you know the new movie; 2012.
The mayans predicted that It will be the end of the world by that date.

I'll get freaking scared everytime when I think about it.
Im not ready die.

I had commited a lot of sin for the last 16 years and I didn't had the chance to fullfill my dreams which is to travel around the world.
Aiyaa, damn scared man. Haha.

I wish it wasn't true so I could stop thinking about it.
My friends and I will be watching this movie, maybe this Thursday or next week.
Not sure yet.
Emm, I think that's all for today. Bubyee <33