14 November 2009

Changing For The Better

Heyyheyy :]
Da lame ouh ta update blog nieyy.
Boredom surrounds me.
Anyway, semalam an my nose was bleeding and bloods came out everytime I cough.
Perghh, cuak gila.
Mumy suro pegi jumpe doctor, tapi ta na arhh.
Takottt =.="
Mne la tau kalau2 saket nieyy serious.
Am I gonna be dead soon?
Kenape la dengan kepala aku nieyy, asek ingat na mati jea. Sheesh :[

Okayokay, anyway, this school holiday I'll try to go on a diet.
My goal is, Eat less, exercise more :D
Some of them has been supporting me.
Bella, zuhairah ,eyfa. Thanks babe :3
I'll make sure that everything works, according to my plan.
I want to be SKINNY!!
You have no idea on how much I despise myself.
I hate looking at myself at the mirror.
I know it's a horrible thing to do.

But I also know and realise that Im fat and ugly, that's why I wanted to change myself.
I don't want to be obes and be sick all the time.
I want to become a NEW person.

Changing for the better and for a better future ahead :]

Pray for me and cheer on me will ya?

xoxo, Sheila Elley