13 December 2009

Boredoom Strikes

Today is Sunday, 13/12/2009.
Omggosh! I almost forgot. Today is my pet bro burfday. AZRI!! Hepy Burfday!
Semoga result SPM ko oke taon nieyy. Gud luck yeah! :DD
Okayy, back to me. Act, I just came back from my granma house and shopping. I also bought some school uniform for next year. I wanted to buy new shoes but my parents ta bagi. Kenape ta bagi? Because I only want branded shoes XD Sape yang ta na barang branded an? Etc; Converse, Everlast. Those were some of my fav brands. Those are my fav because they are long lasting. Last year I wore Converse. Same macam Adib. Haha. I think I'll wear that shoes for next year because I would rather wear my last year shoes that BATA, PALLAS. Ohh, yes, I'm kinda high- maintainence. LOL. Soo, judge me, I know you would love to do that, bitches. Pfftt,low lives :d

much love,SHEILA