09 December 2009


Heyy there!
Da lame lor ta updated blog nieyy. Kemalasan yang melampau, sorry :]
X'mas is just around the corner!!
I can't wait!
Emm, yes I'm Muslim but my dad's family is chinese- christian soo, there's no reason for me to not celebrate X'mas. Can't wait to get all the presents for my uncles and aunties :3
Butt school is about to start soon. I'll be taking my SPM, ouhh crapp.
I'm sooo not ready for this. Freaking scared but I'll try harder next year. I want to get at least 7 A's which is :
- BM
- English
- Science
- Geography
- Ekonomi Asas
- History

Teehee, which me luck!
Emm, anyway, I just got myself a new piercing, it's on my right lip. It was painful at first, then after a few hours later, it's started to swell up. Geez, saket gyle :d Tapi tahan jela. Hee. But then after a couple of days it's gets better and I feel no more pain. I get a black lipring because that is my fav colour :] I don't like silver because I'm kinda alergic to silver metal stuff. Weird eh? Hee, anyway, if you want to see them, go on to my myspace :]
I've uploaded some photos of me.
Anyway, that's it for now, maybe I'll post something soon but that is not a promise :p
Hee, toodles.

much love, SHEILA