31 July 2010


I'm boredddddddd to death . That's why I've decided to write something on my blog . I'm basically alone right now. My dad is outstation. He had a meeting somewhere and my mum went to my cousin's house . And my brothers went out, they had a football game or something. I don't really care . Sooo, emmm . Nothing much happened this week . It was bored . My life is bored . Everything is BORINGGGGGGGG . Erghhhhhhhhh *frustrated* *sigh* :/ 

Ohhh, I forgot! Actually, there something happened to me this week . My camera was seized by the teachers . I was shocked + sad + scared. Takot kene marahh becuase I had to meet Miss 'S' at her office . When I'm in there, she was like scolding and questioning me . After a few minutes of lecturing, she asked me to call my mum. I called then my mum came to school. The teacher show some photo that they claim those photo seem to violate the law or something, they also complained to my mother about my behaviour at school. They said I'm lazy, my grades had been decreasing *Like I care* and then my mum took the camera back home . Thanks godness nothing bad happened . Miss 'S' gave me a warning and I went back to class, so, nothing serious about it . At home pon kene lectured lagi. Grrrrr, tension gilaa time uh . But anyway I do regret what I did and I had learned my lesson . I promise I won't do it again =.=" 
Emmm, anyway that's all I guess . Thanks for reading

xoxo, Sheila Tan