17 July 2010


 I'm losing it, I'm giving up.
My eyes are closed and my mouth is shut.
I can't even try anymore.
What am I even fighting for?
I'm useless and I can't be happy.
There's no way I can live being me.
Every day, I feel so bad,
For every time I make you sad.
I think I'm just gonna say goodbye.
I can no longer live a lie.
Maybe I'll see you again someday. 
This time I know I'm not okay.

Yeahh, that's pretty much how I felt right now. DYING . I alone. A lonely hag . I'm just bored with my life. I fought with my parents, again . Life is just dull. It means nothing to me anymore. I guess I'm better off dead . Nobody appreciates me. I'm fucking depressed . I'm just NOT feeling OKAY. That's all I have to say .