17 March 2011

Random Rant II

Let bygones be bygones. Seriously, it's very hard to forget the person you love/like the most. But life has to move on. I know how it feels like, sometimes you feel like crying your heart out or jump off a cliff or something. Yeah, but the truth is letting go is the only best solution for you and him/her. Life is not fair and it will never be. Life is full of ups and down. Love? What is love actually? Love does not last long, if you die, you might as well die alone. You can't bring anybody with you. The fact is you're alone, everyone in this world is alone and there's nothing you can change about it. That is just how it is. So, deal with it. Be STRONG and learn to accept anything that happen in your life because everything happens for a REASON. A good reason I hope. Anyway, thanks for reading.