23 June 2012


HAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! Assalamualaikum semua :)

Pehh, berdebu dah blog ni. Lama gila tak update. Korang semua okay? Sihat tak? Semoga Allah merahmati kita semua. Aminn. So, hari ni adalah hari Ahad bersamaan dengan 24 June 2012. Maksudnya dah hampir 2 minggu sejak kolej bermula. Sekarang ni dah masuk part 3 dah, senior tak senior tak? Haha. My new life and adventures begins. Macamane dengan life sekarang? Hmmm, okay je. So far so good. Learning new things and stuffs. This week tak balik rumah, my parents are quite busy nowdays so mereka tak dapat nak ambil saya di kolej teratai ni. But it's okay, at least I can escape from home for a while. Which is a good thing, right? I hope. I'm happy as long as I'm not at home. 

So the other day, I receive a very very bad news. My cat, Momo just died. he died that morning but my mum didn't tell me right away cause I have classes and she didn't want to interrupt me. At about 8 pm my mum called me and tell me the bad news. At first I was shocked but at the same time I kinda expected it because last week, Momo was very ill and I also recorded a video of him in my phone. I sorta seen that coming. But still it's sad and painful at the same time, momo has been with my family for 6 years. It's hard to let go the things you love the most. So my mum called and she was like crying and stuff. I tried to hold on to my tears when I talked at the phone. After we hang up, I cried. I cried and cried until my eyes were swollen. I looked at his pictures and videos and I cry non-stop. I know, some of you might think. Oh, he's just a cat. EXCUSE ME, NO. HE IS NOT JUST A CAT. He is a part of my life and I love him. He's always there for me and I trust him more than humans. I hope he's resting in heaven and have a good life there. I'm sure he would, I hope that one day I can meet him in syurga. 

p.s. wifi kat kolej sucks big time, I can't post momo photos here. Look for it at my fb.

Byebyeee xx